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Divitias Wealth plc are experts in wealth creation and onward maximisation

With a reputation for exceptional service and discretion we leverage our long-standing relationships with leading global providers of investment products, structures, vehicles and programs to the benefit of our clients.

Divitias Wealth plc has been established based on comprehensive financial market analysis and the subsequent opportunity identified to offer Investors access to high yield trade programmes, which can be extremely exclusive due to their demanding entry requirements. The Divitias Wealth plc bespoke, client-centric, high-touch service forms the cornerstone of our unique and valued investor proposition.

Our team

Members of our team have the proven expertise, passion and seasoned experience to place both individual and corporate investors in to exclusive and high yield trade programmes.

Our company has applied this combined knowledge and associated skills to structure the Divitias Wealth plc Private Offering Protected Fixed Income Bond for investors who are seeking a higher than average yield to other bonds in the market.

Superior results through collaboration

The process to gaining access, and the selection of trade programmes and partners, leading to the purchase of discounted securities for the Divitias Wealth plc investment portfolio, is accompanied by a stringent due diligence process.

Our comprehensive due diligence process, undertaken and co-ordinated by our regulated professional service providers, is based upon long-standing collaborations and relationships with fund managers, traders and regulated market professionals all of whom who have a high pedigree and proven success sustained over time in the financial sector.

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For more information or enquiries regarding the procedure for investment, please contact Divitias Wealth plc Investor Desk: